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Through this project the expert from abroad - Dr. Felix Hamza-Lup - will coordinate and prepare the CERVA research team of OVIDIUS University in the field of haptic media.


Virtual and augmented realities are key technologies in current and future fields of activity with applications in diverse domains of human activity: medicine, education, engineering, and tourism. Over the past few years the technology evolved such that now it offers advanced multimodal simulations (i.e. with haptic feedback, multimodal), which significantly improves the sense of presence inside virtual media and the interactivity between the user and the rest of the system. The development of these systems is a priority in the international research programs because they have the potential to improve diverse activities (e.g. advanced training of medical personnel, realistic simulations for testing mechanical systems).


The project is in line with the objectives set by POS-CE, priority axis 2 – O.2.1.2 because it will facilitate an increase the quality and efficiency of the research-and-development activity done by the universities at both national and European levels, through the creation of a nucleus of scientific and technological competence, in accordance with European standards.


The enhancement of the existent scientific competence through the HapticMed project will facilitate the active participation of the research team in projects at national and European levels, together with facilitating partnerships at European level through EuroVR association, where OVIDIUS University is a founding member.


The results obtained at the end of the project can be applied directly to the health industry and have the potential of creating initiatives and numerous collaborations with companies within the country and abroad for applications development as well as launching these applications on the medical market to improve the current medical system.

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Haptic Feedback in Medical Applications

The Haptic Feedback is one of the most complex technologies of virtual reality, since it considers the creation of a „mechanical resistance” sensation at the point of contact with virtual objects, thus addressing the tactile stimulus of the user. Haptic technologies are well developed at present. There is a series of commercial devices like the well known Phantom with 3 and 6 degrees of freedom produced in the USA by Sensable, and the Virtuose system produced by Haption in France. There are also systems of various structures and sizes which offer a large variety of haptic interaction facilities within the virtual environment.


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The implementation of this project is necessary for the developement of a competitive working nucleus destined to researchers, students and specialists in IT and medicine. By offering the integration possibility of the haptic feedback within 3D models, visual-haptic simulators become excellent educational media facilitating players’ inuition, curiosity, creativity and motivation.


Moreover, the potential present by these simulators for instruction in a medical environment is significant not only from the point of view of the experienced and observed skills, but also from the point of view of the information gained.


HapticMed - Interfeţe cu Retur Haptic în Aplicaţii Medicale Toate drepturile rezervate.